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DB:KYC0 Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
03 May 24Buy€90,001Philip YeaIndividual5,000€18.00
19 Apr 24Buy€1,326,735Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company83,366€15.91
19 Apr 24Buy€155,147Ninety One UK LimitedCompany8,861€17.51
19 Apr 24Sell€79,042Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,990€15.84
19 Apr 24Sell€1,348,122Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company84,156€16.02
19 Apr 24Sell€1,803Ninety One UK LimitedCompany103€17.51
18 Apr 24Buy€1,496,651Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany93,700€15.97
18 Apr 24Buy€13,921Ninety One UK LimitedCompany873€15.95
18 Apr 24Buy€18,446Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,157€15.94
18 Apr 24Buy€1,137,886BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany70,722€16.09
18 Apr 24Sell€25,663Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,609€15.95
18 Apr 24Sell€13,127,694Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany823,201€15.95
18 Apr 24Sell€328,983BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany20,447€16.09
18 Apr 24Sell€55,103Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,441€16.01
17 Apr 24Buy€293,006BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany18,365€15.95
17 Apr 24Buy€352,965Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany22,108€15.97
17 Apr 24Buy€1,358Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company85€15.98
17 Apr 24Buy€1,936,557Ninety One UK LimitedCompany120,237€16.11
17 Apr 24Buy€17,990The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,128€15.95
17 Apr 24Buy€6,366,923Invesco Ltd.Company400,092€15.91
17 Apr 24Buy€11,168,224Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany700,000€15.95
17 Apr 24Buy€3,379Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany213€15.86
17 Apr 24Sell€6,900,642Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany432,671€15.95
17 Apr 24Sell€1,773,833BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany111,180€15.95
17 Apr 24Sell€215,406Invesco Ltd.Company13,506€15.96
17 Apr 24Sell€11,168,224Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany700,000€15.95
16 Apr 24Buy€505,520BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany31,389€16.11
16 Apr 24Buy€12,332Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany763€16.16
16 Apr 24Buy€530,672Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany32,434€16.36
16 Apr 24Buy€58,830Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,635€16.18
16 Apr 24Sell€598,221Janus Henderson Group plcCompany37,145€16.11
16 Apr 24Sell€11,442,884BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany710,517€16.11
16 Apr 24Sell€82,023Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,961€16.53
16 Apr 24Sell€165,033Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany10,185€16.20
16 Apr 24Sell€75,194Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company4,669€16.11
15 Apr 24Buy€12,734,797BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany774,348€16.45
15 Apr 24Buy€1,814,363Invesco Ltd.Company109,777€16.53
15 Apr 24Buy€151,104Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company9,111€16.58
15 Apr 24Buy€1,843Ninety One UK LimitedCompany459,342€16.61
15 Apr 24Sell€27,876Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,687€16.52
15 Apr 24Sell€5,785Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany349€16.58
15 Apr 24Sell€29,526Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,783€16.56
15 Apr 24Sell€331,518Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany20,000€16.58
15 Apr 24Sell€9,004,175BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany547,505€16.45
12 Apr 24Buy€26,057Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,583€16.46
12 Apr 24Buy€21,531The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,304€16.51
12 Apr 24Buy€3,371Invesco Ltd.Company205€16.44
12 Apr 24Buy€1,891,154BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany114,533€16.51
12 Apr 24Buy€33,365Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company2,028€16.45
12 Apr 24Buy€924,148Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany56,192€16.45
12 Apr 24Buy€7,865,853Ninety One UK LimitedCompany479,245€16.70
12 Apr 24Sell€507,191Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany30,826€16.45
12 Apr 24Sell€14,121,391Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany852,632€16.56
12 Apr 24Sell€5,995Invesco Ltd.Company363€16.57
12 Apr 24Sell€997,411Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany60,252€16.55
12 Apr 24Sell€316,795Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany18,958€16.71
12 Apr 24Sell€5,739,014BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany347,569€16.51
12 Apr 24Sell€7,436Ninety One UK LimitedCompany453€16.42
11 Apr 24Buy€3,425,662BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany206,776€16.57
11 Apr 24Buy€162,095Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany9,680€16.75
11 Apr 24Buy€7,074The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company427€16.57
11 Apr 24Buy€2,900,040Invesco Ltd.Company175,049€16.57
11 Apr 24Buy€119,548Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany7,216€16.57
11 Apr 24Sell€34,772,388BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany2,098,892€16.57
11 Apr 24Sell€4,355,370Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany260,248€16.74
11 Apr 24Sell€22,987Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany1,378€16.68
10 Apr 24Buy€146,605BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany8,822€16.62
10 Apr 24Buy€895,289Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany54,103€16.55
10 Apr 24Buy€36,427Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany2,192€16.62
10 Apr 24Buy€4,981,638Ninety One UK LimitedCompany2,249,839€16.66
10 Apr 24Buy€567,287Invesco Ltd.Company34,233€16.57
10 Apr 24Buy€307,750The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company18,519€16.62
10 Apr 24Sell€9,246,308BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany556,401€16.62
10 Apr 24Sell€577Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany35€16.48
10 Apr 24Sell€607,842Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany36,571€16.62
10 Apr 24Sell€22,266Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany1,336€16.67
10 Apr 24Sell€1,808Invesco Ltd.Company109€16.61
10 Apr 24Sell€35,712The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,149€16.62
09 Apr 24Buy€3,682,312BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany221,561€16.62
09 Apr 24Buy€7,968Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany480€16.60
09 Apr 24Sell€140,088Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany8,461€16.56
09 Apr 24Sell€7,664,796BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany461,183€16.62
09 Apr 24Sell€16,171Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company973€16.62
09 Apr 24Sell€197,182Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany11,908€16.56
09 Apr 24Sell€3,464Invesco Ltd.Company209€16.57
08 Apr 24Buy€2,365,149Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany145,258€16.28
08 Apr 24Buy€79,910BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany4,841€16.51
08 Apr 24Buy€67,249Invesco Ltd.Company4,102€16.51
08 Apr 24Buy€17,673The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,071€16.50
08 Apr 24Buy€106,553Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany6,455€16.51
08 Apr 24Sell€2,355,643Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany145,150€16.23
08 Apr 24Sell€3,099Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company189€16.40
08 Apr 24Sell€9,122,521BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany552,645€16.51
08 Apr 24Sell€834Invesco Ltd.Company51€16.35
08 Apr 24Sell€3,736,521Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany229,548€16.28
05 Apr 24Buy€214,305Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company13,167€16.28
05 Apr 24Buy€1,634,969Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany100,767€16.23
05 Apr 24Buy€1,317,549BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany80,820€16.30
05 Apr 24Buy€41,243The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,529€16.31
05 Apr 24Buy€113,693Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company6,984€16.28
05 Apr 24Buy€104,921Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany6,436€16.30
05 Apr 24Buy€30,115Invesco Ltd.Company1,847€16.31
05 Apr 24Sell€141,478Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany8,746€16.18
05 Apr 24Sell€1,722,041BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany105,632€16.30
05 Apr 24Sell€10,316Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany629€16.40
05 Apr 24Sell€32,713Ninety One UK LimitedCompany2,014€16.26
04 Apr 24Buy€1,670,762BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany100,867€16.56
04 Apr 24Buy€8,908Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company570€15.63
04 Apr 24Buy€186,726Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company11,436€16.33
04 Apr 24Buy€344,246Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany21,654€15.90
04 Apr 24Buy€489,361Ninety One UK LimitedCompany31,166€16.25
04 Apr 24Buy€2,652,054Invesco Ltd.Company163,033€16.56
04 Apr 24Buy€5,915The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company357€16.57
04 Apr 24Sell€54,386Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,346€16.25
04 Apr 24Sell€555,053Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company35,067€15.83
04 Apr 24Sell€2,929,694BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany176,871€16.56
04 Apr 24Sell€1,143Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company69€16.56
04 Apr 24Sell€9,682Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany622€15.57
04 Apr 24Sell€53,680Ninety One UK LimitedCompany3,280€16.42
03 Apr 24Buy€1,113,693BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany69,517€16.02
03 Apr 24Buy€307,850Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany19,672€15.65
03 Apr 24Buy€1,082,687The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company67,516€16.04
03 Apr 24Buy€2,495,940Invesco Ltd.Company155,717€16.10
03 Apr 24Buy€1,692,189Man Group PlcCompany105,481€16.04
03 Apr 24Sell€1,477Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company92€16.06
03 Apr 24Sell€3,482,026BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany217,349€16.02
03 Apr 24Sell€108,629Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany6,938€15.66
03 Apr 24Sell€52,719Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,277€16.09
03 Apr 24Sell€104,775Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany6,545€16.02
03 Apr 24Sell€5,978Ninety One UK LimitedCompany382€15.65
02 Apr 24Buy€333,945BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany20,840€16.02
02 Apr 24Buy€284,141Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany17,580€16.16
02 Apr 24Buy€72,210Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company4,481€16.11
02 Apr 24Buy€168,225The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company10,502€16.02
02 Apr 24Buy€85,035Ninety One UK LimitedCompany5,188€16.42
02 Apr 24Sell€4,334,027BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany270,467€16.02
02 Apr 24Sell€304,501Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany18,861€16.14
02 Apr 24Sell€1,202Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company75€16.02
02 Apr 24Sell€14,630Ninety One UK LimitedCompany911€16.06
28 Mar 24Buy€75,904The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company4,646€16.34
28 Mar 24Buy€2,143,425BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany131,243€16.33
28 Mar 24Buy€3,534Invesco Ltd.Company216€16.36
28 Mar 24Sell€4,701,692BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany287,887€16.33
28 Mar 24Sell€7,107Invesco Ltd.Company435€16.34
27 Mar 24Buy€3,505Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany214€16.38
27 Mar 24Buy€2,031,278BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany124,472€16.32
27 Mar 24Buy€164,735Invesco Ltd.Company10,097€16.43
27 Mar 24Buy€41,860The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,566€16.31
27 Mar 24Sell€125,482Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany7,603€16.50
27 Mar 24Sell€68,869Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,219€16.32
27 Mar 24Sell€10,466,097BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany641,338€16.32
26 Mar 24Buy€1,150Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company71€16.20
26 Mar 24Buy€154,294Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany9,563€16.13
26 Mar 24Buy€13,069Ninety One UK LimitedCompany613,353€16.11
26 Mar 24Sell€3,073Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company190€16.17
26 Mar 24Sell€62,278Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,871€16.09
26 Mar 24Sell€0Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,449€16.08
25 Mar 24Buy€7,878Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany495€15.91
25 Mar 24Buy€186,046The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company11,716€15.88
25 Mar 24Buy€900Invesco Ltd.Company57€15.80
25 Mar 24Buy€663,534Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany41,772€15.88
25 Mar 24Buy€3,197,439Ninety One UK LimitedCompany200,442€15.95
25 Mar 24Sell€22,156Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,399€15.84
25 Mar 24Sell€31,025Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,954€15.88
25 Mar 24Sell€9,239Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany578€15.98
25 Mar 24Sell€27,731Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,750€15.85
22 Mar 24Buy€13,022Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany822€15.84
22 Mar 24Buy€15,622Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany986€15.84
22 Mar 24Buy€1,943,327Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany122,318€15.89
22 Mar 24Buy€675,270Ninety One UK LimitedCompany42,594€15.85
22 Mar 24Buy€2,796Invesco Ltd.Company176€15.90
22 Mar 24Buy€105,985The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company6,671€15.89
22 Mar 24Sell€8,092Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany510€15.87
22 Mar 24Sell€43,872Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,769€15.84
22 Mar 24Sell€142,229Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany8,972€15.85
22 Mar 24Sell€46,659Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany2,939€15.88
21 Mar 24Buy€7,796,444Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany490,643€15.89
21 Mar 24Buy€4,048The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company254€15.94
21 Mar 24Buy€195,435Man Group PlcCompany12,290€15.90
21 Mar 24Buy€570Invesco Ltd.Company36€15.83
21 Mar 24Sell€34,360The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,156€15.94
21 Mar 24Sell€379,333Invesco Ltd.Company23,785€15.95
21 Mar 24Sell€14,573Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany1,069€13.63
20 Mar 24Buy€3,542,550Ninety One UK LimitedCompany226,798€15.62
20 Mar 24Buy€3,662Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany233€15.72
20 Mar 24Sell€169,033Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany10,775€15.70
19 Mar 24Buy€155,274Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,081€15.40
19 Mar 24Buy€0Invesco Ltd.Company8,358€15.63
19 Mar 24Buy€3,969The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company254€15.63
19 Mar 24Buy€522,337Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany33,439€15.62
19 Mar 24Buy€26,465Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,706€15.51
19 Mar 24Sell€181,945Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany11,826€15.39
19 Mar 24Sell€412,975Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany26,680€15.48
19 Mar 24Sell€6,248Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company403€15.50
19 Mar 24Sell€1,140Invesco Ltd.Company73€15.61
18 Mar 24Buy€14,148The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company916€15.45
18 Mar 24Buy€91,356Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany5,893€15.50
18 Mar 24Sell€2,367,671Ninety One UK LimitedCompany153,142€15.46
18 Mar 24Sell€70,324Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,512€15.59
15 Mar 24Buy€702,583Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany44,944€15.63
15 Mar 24Buy€4,907,107Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany314,922€15.58
15 Mar 24Buy€47,394Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,042€15.58
15 Mar 24Buy€719,318The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company46,170€15.58
15 Mar 24Buy€2,725,790Invesco Ltd.Company174,956€15.66
15 Mar 24Sell€243,196Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany15,563€15.63
15 Mar 24Sell€7,307Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company472€15.48
15 Mar 24Sell€914,335Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany58,703€15.58
15 Mar 24Sell€767,921Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany49,235€15.60
15 Mar 24Sell€17,664,780Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,133,552€15.59
15 Mar 24Sell€1,545,330Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany100,191€15.42
15 Mar 24Sell€178,192Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany11,446€15.57
15 Mar 24Sell€761,384The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company48,870€15.58
15 Mar 24Sell€101,861Invesco Ltd.Company6,538€15.58
14 Mar 24Buy€2,231,282Invesco Ltd.Company145,289€15.52
14 Mar 24Buy€11,308The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company736€15.36
14 Mar 24Buy€4,018,222Man Group PlcCompany260,629€15.42
14 Mar 24Buy€189,968Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany12,267€15.49
14 Mar 24Sell€126,304Invesco Ltd.Company8,221€15.53
14 Mar 24Sell€22,403,514Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,451,410€15.44
14 Mar 24Sell€1,805,871Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany116,870€15.46
13 Mar 24Buy€1,154,739Invesco Ltd.Company74,924€15.44
13 Mar 24Buy€5,904Ninety One UK LimitedCompany381€15.50
13 Mar 24Buy€47,901The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company3,108€15.41
13 Mar 24Buy€2,050,522Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany131,928€15.54
13 Mar 24Buy€718,772Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany46,443€15.48
13 Mar 24Sell€293,321Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany18,854€15.56
13 Mar 24Sell€33,182Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany2,153€15.41
13 Mar 24Sell€101,243Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany6,529€15.51
13 Mar 24Sell€734,110Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany47,452€15.47
12 Mar 24Buy€50,772The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company3,264€15.56
12 Mar 24Buy€365,797Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany23,250€15.73
12 Mar 24Buy€5,624,931Man Group PlcCompany358,309€15.76
12 Mar 24Buy€4,566Invesco Ltd.Company289€15.80
11 Mar 24Buy€1,929The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company122€15.81
11 Mar 24Buy€2,532,294Man Group PlcCompany160,233€15.80
11 Mar 24Buy€562,426Invesco Ltd.Company35,666€15.81
11 Mar 24Buy€1,498,746BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany94,736€15.82
11 Mar 24Sell€2,896,697Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany183,976€15.74
11 Mar 24Sell€19,746Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany1,259€15.68
11 Mar 24Sell€1,080Invesco Ltd.Company69€15.65
11 Mar 24Sell€1,173,241Ninety One UK LimitedCompany74,950€15.68
11 Mar 24Sell€10,516,422BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany664,745€15.82
08 Mar 24Buy€46,166The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,916€15.83
06 Mar 24Buy€1,017,401Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany62,371€16.31
06 Mar 24Buy€51,705Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany3,164€16.34
06 Mar 24Sell€1,042,226Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany63,870€16.32
06 Mar 24Sell€40,985Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,508€16.34
04 Mar 24Buy€84,517Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany5,233€16.15
04 Mar 24Sell€211,203Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany13,077€16.15
01 Mar 24Buy€1,068,577Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany64,704€16.51
01 Mar 24Sell€1,066,766Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany64,640€16.50
28 Feb 24Buy€50,508Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company3,075€16.43
28 Feb 24Sell€3,553,976Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany216,719€16.40
28 Feb 24Sell€23,105Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,403€16.47
27 Feb 24Buy€711,801Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany43,387€16.41
27 Feb 24Sell€502,701Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany31,104€16.16
22 Feb 24Buy€430,756Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany26,487€16.26
22 Feb 24Buy€327Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany20€16.34
22 Feb 24Buy€1,187,275Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany71,706€16.56
22 Feb 24Buy€45,691Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company2,780€16.44
22 Feb 24Sell€9,131Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company554€16.48
22 Feb 24Sell€463,544Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany28,117€16.49
22 Feb 24Sell€56,806Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany3,476€16.34
22 Feb 24Sell€681,179Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany41,143€16.56
21 Feb 24Buy€53,500Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company3,321€16.11
21 Feb 24Buy€435,746Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany26,940€16.17
21 Feb 24Buy€2,436,752Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany150,919€16.15
21 Feb 24Sell€445,019Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany27,563€16.15
21 Feb 24Sell€47,421Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany2,954€16.05
21 Feb 24Sell€11,310Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany701€16.13
20 Feb 24Buy€2,531,703Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany156,503€16.18
20 Feb 24Buy€740,273Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany45,693€16.20
20 Feb 24Sell€7,103Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany438€16.22
20 Feb 24Sell€721,744Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany44,575€16.19
19 Feb 24Buy€3,315,493Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany207,411€15.99
19 Feb 24Buy€160,576Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,013€16.04
19 Feb 24Buy€3,409Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany212,527€0.016
19 Feb 24Sell€41,437Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany2,583€16.04
19 Feb 24Sell€78,307Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany4,883€16.04
19 Feb 24Sell€6,503Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany404,118€0.016
16 Feb 24Buy€131,948Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany8,128€16.23
16 Feb 24Buy€77,965Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,841€16.11
16 Feb 24Buy€140,198Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany8,650€16.21
16 Feb 24Sell€8,871Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany552€16.07
16 Feb 24Sell€223,402Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany13,923€16.05
16 Feb 24Sell€176,747Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,905€16.21
15 Feb 24Buy€5,574,881Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany347,863€16.03
15 Feb 24Buy€3,812,143BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany237,513€16.05
15 Feb 24Sell€7,190Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany445€16.16
15 Feb 24Sell€694,526BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany43,272€16.05
14 Feb 24Buy€3,030,391Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany190,641€15.90
14 Feb 24Buy€477Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany30€15.91
14 Feb 24Buy€3,546,558Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany223,258€15.89
14 Feb 24Sell€23,074Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,458€15.83
14 Feb 24Sell€124,846Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany7,828€15.95
14 Feb 24Sell€2,929,095Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany183,795€15.94
14 Feb 24Sell€199,285Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany12,524€15.91
14 Feb 24Sell€1,321Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany83€15.92
13 Feb 24Buy€10,114,221Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany639,574€15.81
13 Feb 24Sell€4,453Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany281€15.85
12 Feb 24Buy€6,682,411Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany422,295€15.82
12 Feb 24Buy€4,742Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company300€15.81
12 Feb 24Sell€4,152Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company262€15.85
12 Feb 24Sell€1,283Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany81€15.84
09 Feb 24Buy€2,298,884Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany146,935€15.65
09 Feb 24Buy€3,763,076Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany238,710€15.76
09 Feb 24Sell€270,259Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany17,275€15.64
09 Feb 24Sell€4,276,797Janus Henderson Group plcCompany319,493€13.39
09 Feb 24Sell€120,408Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany7,696€15.65
09 Feb 24Sell€3,801,169Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany241,216€15.76
08 Feb 24Buy€10,556,283Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany651,505€16.20
08 Feb 24Buy€466,356Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany28,327€16.46
08 Feb 24Sell€14,193Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany903€15.72
08 Feb 24Sell€466,356Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany28,327€16.46
19 Dec 23Buy€44,205Philip YeaIndividual2,272.73€19.45
07 Jul 23Buy€183Andrew Charles KingIndividual11.82€15.53
07 Jul 23Buy€183Michael PowellIndividual11.82€15.53

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: KYC0 insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of KYC0?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
State or Government269,4740.0611%
Individual Insiders370,8750.0841%
Employee Share Scheme475,4860.108%
Private Companies3,837,3790.87%
Sovereign Wealth Funds53,650,99312.2%
General Public77,838,05317.7%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 62.47% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Public Investment Corporation Limited
BlackRock, Inc.
Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.
Ninety One UK Limited
Coronation Fund Managers Limited
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
Legal & General Investment Management Limited
Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities Investments
Schroder Investment Management Limited
JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities Investments
Impax Asset Management Group Plc
Mondrian Investment Partners Limited
Jupiter Fund Management Plc
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Norges Bank Investment Management
Invesco Ltd.
Ivy Investment Management Company
UBS Asset Management AG
Seafarer Capital Partners, LLC
Eurizon Capital SGR SpA
Wellington Management Group LLP
Pictet Asset Management Limited
Northern Trust Global Investments
Man Group Plc
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