Perpetual Ownership

Who are the major shareholders and have insiders been buying or selling?

Recent Insider Transactions

ASX:PPT Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
31 Jan 23SellAU$0State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company308,014AU$25.83
30 Jan 23BuyAU$34,714State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company1,345AU$25.81
27 Jan 23BuyAU$1,847,323Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co., Ltd.Company70,046AU$26.37
27 Jan 23SellAU$2,927,810Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co., Ltd.Company109,195AU$26.81
25 Jan 23BuyAU$4,760,315First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM LtdCompany188,972AU$26.56
24 Jan 23BuyAU$737,464JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany27,449AU$26.99
24 Jan 23SellAU$4,907,581JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany183,095AU$26.99
23 Jan 23BuyAU$64,796BlackRock, Inc.Company1,803,216AU$42.27
23 Jan 23SellAU$16,722BlackRock, Inc.Company2,002,117AU$42.27
16 Jan 23BuyAU$5,300,549Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany206,512AU$25.67
16 Jan 23SellAU$561,032Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany21,810AU$25.72
13 Jan 23BuyAU$2,160,088State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company109,780AU$26.14
10 Jan 23SellAU$346Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company14AU$24.71
05 Jan 23BuyAU$211Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company8AU$26.37
04 Jan 23BuyAU$886,146Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany35,061AU$25.50
30 Dec 22BuyAU$10,155,883Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany408,448AU$24.86
30 Dec 22SellAU$0State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company10,417AU$24.38
30 Dec 22SellAU$9,432,196Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany378,122AU$24.95
23 Dec 22SellAU$2,876Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company116AU$24.80
16 Dec 22BuyAU$1,958,138State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company88,325AU$24.59
30 Nov 22BuyAU$79,420State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company81,945AU$24.90
28 Nov 22BuyAU$4,639,167Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany169,176AU$31.07
23 Nov 22BuyAU$92,534J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc.Company3,559AU$26.00
22 Nov 22SellAU$82,592,395UBS Asset ManagementCompany2,941,652AU$28.08
21 Nov 22BuyAU$79,679,720UBS Asset ManagementCompany2,775,290AU$29.98
18 Nov 22SellAU$143,807State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company5,342AU$26.92
15 Nov 22SellAU$94,967State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company12,740AU$32.41
14 Nov 22BuyAU$3,944,062Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany117,950AU$33.44
14 Nov 22SellAU$7,309,912Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany218,077AU$33.52
11 Nov 22BuyAU$8,618,385JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany292,285AU$34.80
11 Nov 22BuyAU$196,058Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company5,720AU$34.28
11 Nov 22SellAU$15,824,852JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany529,896AU$34.80
10 Nov 22BuyAU$4,424,442Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany139,550AU$31.71
10 Nov 22BuyAU$429,978Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany13,514AU$31.82
10 Nov 22SellAU$704,445Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany22,456AU$31.37
10 Nov 22SellAU$3,332Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany112AU$29.75
09 Nov 22BuyAU$6,977Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany242AU$28.83
09 Nov 22BuyAU$3,270Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany112AU$29.20
09 Nov 22BuyAU$0State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company43,412AU$30.11
08 Nov 22SellAU$10,872Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany374AU$29.07
08 Nov 22SellAU$461,922Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany15,890AU$29.07
08 Nov 22SellAU$100,669Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany3,463AU$29.07
08 Nov 22BuyAU$77,215Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany2,658AU$29.05
08 Nov 22BuyAU$5,868Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany202AU$29.05
08 Nov 22SellAU$2,673Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany92AU$29.05
08 Nov 22SellAU$50,315Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany1,732AU$29.05
08 Nov 22SellAU$24,780Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,779AU$29.07
07 Nov 22BuyAU$630,321Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany21,708AU$29.10
07 Nov 22SellAU$0Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany16,806AU$29.12
04 Nov 22BuyAU$1,290,878Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany49,569AU$26.05
04 Nov 22SellAU$3,673,307Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany132,126AU$27.80
04 Nov 22SellAU$0Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany2,333AU$29.80
03 Nov 22SellAU$0Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,737AU$30.32
02 Nov 22BuyAU$0Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,350AU$25.79
31 Oct 22BuyAU$9,667Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany387AU$24.98
31 Oct 22SellAU$71,538Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany2,873AU$24.90
28 Oct 22SellAU$5,157Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany1,223AU$25.16
28 Oct 22SellAU$0Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany35,259AU$24.63
28 Oct 22SellAU$0Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany16,402AU$24.86
27 Oct 22BuyAU$36,479,342Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany1,329,582AU$29.19
25 Oct 22BuyAU$0Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany63,535AU$30.34
25 Oct 22BuyAU$0Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany66,186AU$30.43
25 Oct 22BuyAU$2,583Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany348,433AU$31.22
25 Oct 22SellAU$0Macquarie Investment Management LimitedCompany29,315AU$31.11
25 Oct 22SellAU$53,597Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany196,663AU$32.94
25 Oct 22SellAU$0Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany499,864AU$31.07
24 Oct 22BuyAU$164,217,096UBS Asset ManagementCompany6,201,581AU$28.93
24 Oct 22SellAU$155,675,710UBS Asset ManagementCompany5,775,128AU$27.01
21 Oct 22BuyAU$6,821,417JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany281,657AU$25.76
21 Oct 22BuyAU$14,398Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company589AU$24.44
21 Oct 22SellAU$5,994,668JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany245,733AU$25.76
04 Oct 22BuyAU$788,822JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany33,512AU$24.09
04 Oct 22SellAU$2,369,818JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany100,259AU$24.09
29 Sep 22BuyAU$12,198Mona Aboelnaga KanaanIndividual511AU$23.87
28 Sep 22BuyAU$94,040Gregory John CooperIndividual4,000AU$23.51
28 Sep 22BuyAU$259,466Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany10,999AU$23.59
28 Sep 22SellAU$0Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLCCompany21,473AU$26.13
27 Sep 22BuyAU$236,860Ian HammondIndividual10,000AU$23.70
27 Sep 22BuyAU$17,584,535JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany668,591AU$29.22
27 Sep 22SellAU$50,910Ian HammondIndividual2,149AU$23.69
27 Sep 22SellAU$7,658,797JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany293,984AU$30.43
26 Aug 22BuyAU$1,288,620JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany45,802AU$28.13
26 Aug 22SellAU$357,952JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany12,713AU$28.16
25 Aug 22BuyAU$10,388,033JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany345,063AU$33.61
25 Aug 22SellAU$11,259,343JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany372,722AU$33.51
29 Jul 22BuyAU$1,920,436State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company63,746AU$30.13
20 Jul 22SellAU$1,125,208State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company37,746AU$29.81
09 May 22BuyAU$1,533,559State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company46,615AU$32.97
09 May 22SellAU$19,162State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company6,045AU$32.26
04 May 22BuyAU$5,299,059The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company143,730AU$36.92
29 Apr 22SellAU$2,725,124The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company75,436AU$36.39
30 Mar 22BuyAU$3,042,181State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company82,746AU$36.77

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: Insufficient data to determine if insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of PPT?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
Individual Insiders227,4220.2%
Public Companies1,231,9821.1%
Private Companies2,169,8061.9%
General Public71,026,98763.8%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have been substantially diluted in the past year, with total shares outstanding growing by 98.9%.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 34.54% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
BlackRock, Inc.
5,263,933A$139.0m40.65%no data
JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities Investments
UBS Asset Management
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
2,836,386A$74.9m0%no data
Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities Investments
Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities Investments
Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities Investments
Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co., Ltd.
First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd
Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited
1,231,982A$32.5m0%no data
JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking Investments
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
1,156,673A$30.5m6.74%no data
Norges Bank Investment Management
949,526A$25.1m79.58%no data
Macquarie Capital Investment Management LLC
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd
850,852A$22.5m0%no data
Queensland Trustees Pty Ltd
638,714A$16.9m21.12%no data
Macquarie Investment Management Limited
Enbeear Pty Limited
369,832A$9.8m0%no data
New York Life Investment Management LLC
First Samuel Limited
Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.
200,376A$5.3m10.19%no data
Netwealth Investments Ltd.
Diversified United Investment Limited
Colonial First State Investments Limited