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Simply Wall St News team
Simply Wall St team
The goal of Simply Wall St News is to provide readers with updates on the market from a long-term fundamentals perspective. Why are we different to other stockmarket news sites?
  1. We don’t just cover the top 200 stocks
  2. We cover stocks outside the US
  3. We focus on the underlying company fundamentals and not movements in share price
  4. We always use infographics in our articles
  5. Our analysis is always supported by financial data
We started Simply Wall St after realizing that many people are buying stocks only based on hearsay or random hunches and without doing proper research. Often this ends up with them either losing money or underperforming.

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The core team is based in Sydney, Australia with authors around the globe. If you have feedback, complaints, or wish to report an error in one of our articles, please write to editorial-team@simplywallst.com and include a link to the article, details of the error, and supporting documentation. This will help us respond more quickly to your concerns. Simply Wall St™ Simply Wall Street Pty Ltd 24 Kippax St, Sydney, NSW 2010 ACN 600 056 611