Goran Damchevski

Goran Damchevski

Equity Analyst at Simply Wall St


  • Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Ljubljana

  • Certificate in Statistics 2.1x BerkleyX - Descriptive and frequency statistics

  • Google’s Fundamentals of digital marketing


Valuation and Fundamental Analysis Financial Analysis (e.g. Equity Models, Commercial Credit, Risk Analysis) Financial Content Writing


Goran has over 4 years of experience in financial analysis and company research, where he previously worked in a seed-stage startup as a capital markets research analyst and product lead and developed a financial data platform for equity investors. Prior to that, his work was centered around building statistical models and market analysis for pharmaceutical companies. Goran feels at home when modelling valuations for companies, discovering financial inconsistencies and distilling complexity into understandable digests.


Goran is an Equity Analyst and Writer at Simply Wall St over 4 years of experience in financial analysis and company research. His main role in Simply Wall St is researching the impact of current events on U.S. stocks, alongside editing and publishing Simply Wall St articles with a focus on valuation, fundamental analysis, and business model viability.


Outside of investing, he loves cooking, nature and traveling.

You can connect with Goran on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Meta vs. Google: The Better Advertising Platform for Investors

Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ:META) is pushing multi-year lows, as the stock hovers around the $140 level. While in the short run, a company can be volatile, it is ultimately the quality of the business that determines a company's valuation. In our analysis, we will re-cap Meta's core business and attempt to evaluate how it fares against key competitors.

Intel's Dividends Can Hold Up, But The Business Faces Uncertainty In The Future

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) started an accelerated downtrend in August. The company lost 27% of its market value since then, and investors may be concerned about the near future. Looking at analysts forecasts, it seems that there may be some more pain ahead. We break down the fundamentals, future expectations, and see what that means for investors in our analysis.