Goran Damchevski

Goran Damchevski

Equity Analyst at Simply Wall St


  • Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Ljubljana

  • Certificate in Statistics 2.1x BerkleyX - Descriptive and frequency statistics

  • Google’s Fundamentals of digital marketing


  • Valuation modelling

  • Forecasting and statistics

  • Business research and analysis (sales verticals, total addressable market, risk factors)

  • Financial reporting and analysis


Goran has over 5 years of experience in financial analysis and company research. Previously, he served as a capital markets research analyst and product lead at a seed-stage startup, where he co-developed a financial analysis platform for equity investors. In this role, he leveraged his financial analysis skills to conduct thorough company research.

Prior to that, Goran focused on building statistical models and market analysis for pharmaceutical companies.


At Simply Wall St, Goran conducts in-depth research on global equities with a focus on valuation. Using ground-up research, he connects companies' business verticals, financial statements, and key performance indicators to produce robust valuation models. This provides investors with comprehensive assessments of companies' financial health and growth prospects, and you can read these on his narratives that he produces on the platform.


Outside of investing, he loves cooking, nature and traveling.

You can connect with Goran on LinkedIn or Twitter.