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How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


J. Berdahl





Mr. J. Scott Berdahl, P.Geo., M.Sc., M.B.A. & P.Geo, is the Co-Founder of Snowline Gold Corp. and has been its Chief Executive Officer since August 20, 2021. Mr. Berdahl has been a Director of Snowline Gol...

CEO Compensation Analysis

How has J. Berdahl's remuneration changed compared to Snowline Gold's earnings?
DateTotal Comp.SalaryCompany Earnings
Dec 31 2021n/an/a


Aug 31 2021CA$120kCA$120k


Compensation vs Market: J.'s total compensation ($USD89.60K) is below average for companies of similar size in the Canadian market ($USD741.36K).

Compensation vs Earnings: Insufficient data to compare J.'s compensation with company performance.

Leadership Team

J. Berdahl
Co-Founder1.25yrsCA$120.00kno data
Nikolas Matysek
Co Founderno dataCA$225.32kno data
Matthew Roma
CFO & Corporate Secretary1.33yrsCA$15.00kno data
Steve Rennalls
Operations Managerno datano datano data
Stephanie Hansen
Marketing & Investor Relations Manager0.25yrno datano data
Thomas Branson
Exploration Managerno datano datano data
Sergio Gamonal
Lead Geologist0.25yrno datano data


Average Tenure

Experienced Management: SGD's management team is not considered experienced ( 0.8 years average tenure), which suggests a new team.

Board Members

J. Berdahl
Co-Founder1.75yrsCA$120.00kno data
Axel Gunther Roehlig
Independent Non-Executive Director5yrsCA$12.00k0.47%
CA$ 1.7m
Craig Hart
Independent Chairman of the Board1.5yrsCA$10.30kno data
Sarah Weber
Independent Director1.75yrsCA$12.00k0.038%
CA$ 137.0k


Average Tenure

Experienced Board: SGD's board of directors are not considered experienced ( 1.8 years average tenure), which suggests a new board.