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Taiwanese Healthcare Small Cap High Growth Stocks

UPDATED Jul 22, 2022

Companies below a US$500M market cap with strong earnings growth forecasted for the next 3 years.

3 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
4164CHC Healthcare GroupNT$36.551.7%-1.2%NT$5.9bNT$50.00PE17.5xE33.8%5.5%
1565St.Shine OpticalLtdNT$263.001.9%-34.2%NT$13.3bNT$314.33PE13xE5.4%5.7%
6615Sofiva GenomicsLtdNT$46.054.2%-7.0%NT$983.7mNT$46.00PE15.8xE3.4%4.3%
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