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German Real Estate Undiscovered Growth Opportunities

UPDATED May 06, 2022

The market has not yet priced in the high-growth prospects for these companies, featuring low PEG ratio (less than 0.5), high future growth outlook and good value on the Snowflake.

7 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
1R7Ronshine China Holdings€0.285.3%-50.4%€3.4bn/aPE2.2xE28.5%23.4%
5GOShimao Services Holdings€0.505.0%n/a€10.4bn/aPB1xE22.1%2.5%
78ES-Enjoy Service Group€1.031.0%n/a€7.0b€1.67PB2.6xE31.0%2.3%
65DSunac Services Holdings€0.47-6.0%n/a€11.2bn/aPB1.1xE21.8%4.0%
5R9Yuexiu Services Group€0.45-1.3%n/a€5.5bn/aPB1.6xE44.0%2.7%
OIHCCSI Properties€0.0182.9%-20.0%€1.8bn/aPE9.7xE87.5%2.2%
0LFToivo Group Oyj€2.31-4.5%n/a€124.8m€2.46PB2.3xE21.8%n/a
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