Mexican (IPC) Capital Goods Stocks - Biggest Losers Today

UPDATED Nov 28, 2022

Explore the Mexican (IPC) Biggest Losers Today. These Capital Goods Stocks have seen the largest drop in Market Cap from the previous trading day.

CompanyLast Price1D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
ALFA AAlfa S. A. B. de C. VMex$13.66-2.0%-14.5%Mex$65.8bMex$19.68PE8xE-10.8%5.7%
AGUA *Grupo Rotoplas. deMex$31.47-2.4%20.7%Mex$14.9bMex$43.90PE31.3xE37.4%1.4%
KUO BGrupo KUO. deMex$44.33-0.8%-3.6%Mex$20.0bMex$70.50PE7.4xn/a3.4%
POCHTEC BGrupo Pochteca. deMex$8.49-0.6%13.7%Mex$1.1bn/aPE4.5xn/an/a
ARISTOS AConsorcio Aristos. deMex$12.990%n/aMex$6.9bn/aPE75.3xn/a0%
CERAMIC BInternacional de CerĂ¡mica. deMex$75.000%n/aMex$10.6bn/aPE14.6xn/a2.4%
ELEMAT *Elementia Materiales S. A. B. de C. VMex$19.600%19.4%Mex$11.5bn/aPE16xn/an/a
LAMOSA *Grupo Lamosa. deMex$115.000.09%20.4%Mex$40.8bMex$130.00PE10.2xn/a1.0%
GMD *Grupo Mexicano de DesarrolloMex$15.005.6%30.7%Mex$2.7bn/aPE6.7xn/an/a
GCARSO A1Grupo Carso. deMex$83.340.9%41.7%Mex$187.5bMex$67.17PE13.4xE10.5%1.2%
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