Have You Considered This Before Investing In CHF Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:CHFS)?

CHF Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:CHFS) shareholders, and potential investors, need to understand how much cash the business makes from its core operational activities, as well as how much is invested back into the business. This difference directly flows down to how much the stock is worth. Operating in the healthcare equipment industry, CHF Solutions is currently valued at US$15.26M. I’ve analysed below, the health and outlook of CHF Solutions’s cash flow, which will help you understand the stock from a cash standpoint. Cash is an important concept to grasp as an investor, as it directly impacts the value of your shares and the future growth potential of your portfolio. See our latest analysis for CHF Solutions

What is free cash flow?

CHF Solutions’s free cash flow (FCF) is the level of cash flow the business generates from its operational activities, after it reinvests in the company as capital expenditure. This type of expense is needed for CHF Solutions to continue to grow, or at least, maintain its current operations. I will be analysing CHF Solutions’s FCF by looking at its FCF yield and its operating cash flow growth. The yield will tell us whether the stock is generating enough cash to compensate for the risk investors take on by holding a single stock, which I will compare to the market index. The growth will proxy for sustainability levels of this cash generation.

Free Cash Flow = Operating Cash Flows – Net Capital Expenditure

Free Cash Flow Yield = Free Cash Flow / Enterprise Value

where Enterprise Value = Market Capitalisation + Net Debt

The business reinvests all its cash profits as well as borrows more money, to maintain and grow the company. This leads to a negative FCF, as well as negative FCF yield, in which case is not a very useful measure.

NasdaqCM:CHFS Net Worth May 7th 18
NasdaqCM:CHFS Net Worth May 7th 18

Does CHF Solutions have a favourable cash flow trend?

CHF Solutions’s FCF may be negative today, but is operating cash flows expected to improve in the future? Let’s examine the cash flow trend the company is anticipated to produce over time. Over the next three years, expected growth for CHF Solutions’s operating cash is negative. This is unfavourable to its future outlook, especially if capital expenditure heads the opposite direction. Below is a table of CHF Solutions’s operating cash flow in the past year, as well as the anticipated level going forward.
Current +1 year +2 year +3 year
Operating Cash Flow (OCF) -US$11.92M -US$8.88M -US$3.50M US$20.36K
OCF Growth Year-On-Year -25.50% -60.59% -100.58%
OCF Growth From Current Year -70.64% -100.17%

Next Steps:

CHF Solutions provides an attractive cash yield above the market, as well as a strong future cash flow outlook, which reinforces the impression that it is a strong investment case. Keep in mind that cash is only one aspect of investment analysis and there are other important fundamentals to assess. I recommend you continue to research CHF Solutions to get a better picture of the company by looking at:

  1. Historical Performance: What has CHFS’s returns been like over the past? Go into more detail in the past track record analysis and take a look at the free visual representations of our analysis for more clarity.
  2. Management Team: An experienced management team on the helm increases our confidence in the business – take a look at who sits on CHF Solutions’s board and the CEO’s back ground.
  3. Other High-Performing Stocks: If you believe you should cushion your portfolio with something less risky, scroll through our free list of these great stocks here.