Have Investors Already Priced In Sanchez Energy Corporation’s (NYSE:SN) Growth?

Sanchez Energy Corporation (NYSE:SN) is a stock well positioned for future growth, but many investors are wondering whether its last closing price of $5.65 is based on unrealistic expectations. When an investor is questioning how much value a company is showing at this time, I regularly advise they conduct some further analysis. Let’s examine a couple of key checks for SN based on it’s latest price. View our latest analysis for Sanchez Energy

How is SN going to perform in the future?

Sanchez Energy is poised for extremely high earnings growth in the near future. Expectations from 10 analysts are extremely bullish with earnings per share estimated to more than double over the next couple of years.

Is SN’s share price justified by its earnings growth?

Sanchez Energy is trading at price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 80.6x, this also tells us the stock is overvalued based on current earnings compared to the oil and gas industry average of 14.87x , and overvalued compared to the US market average ratio of 19.69x .

NYSE:SN PE PEG Gauge Jan 5th 18
NYSE:SN PE PEG Gauge Jan 5th 18

After looking at SN’s value based on current earnings, we can see it seems overvalued relative to other companies in the industry. But, to be able to properly assess the value of a high-growth stock such as Sanchez Energy, we must incorporate its earnings growth in our valuation. The PEG ratio is a great calculation to take account of growth in the stock’s valuation. Based on Sanchez Energy’s predicted 292.85% growth in earnings next year and PE ratio of 80.6x we see that Sanchez Energy has a higher PEG ratio of 1.64x. This tells us that when including its growth in our analysis Sanchez Energy’s stock can be considered a bit overvalued , based on the fundamentals.

What this means for you:

Are you a shareholder? Since you may have already conducted your due diligence on SN, the overvaluation of the stock may mean it is a good time to reduce your current holdings. Although, you should never overlook what intrinsic valuation models are telling you either. Take a look at what valuation our discounted cash flow model is yielding.

Are you a potential investor? If you are considering investing in SN, looking at the PEG ratio on its own is not enough to make a well-informed decision. You will benefit from looking at additional analysis and considering its intrinsic valuation along with other relative valuation metrics like P/E and EV/Sales. Click here to for a more in-depth analysis on these metrics.