Sandnes Sparebank (OB:SADG) Looks Like A Good Stock, And It's Going Ex-Dividend Soon

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March 21, 2022
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Sandnes Sparebank (OB:SADG) stock is about to trade ex-dividend in 2 days. Typically, the ex-dividend date is one business day before the record date which is the date on which a company determines the shareholders eligible to receive a dividend. The ex-dividend date is an important date to be aware of as any purchase of the stock made on or after this date might mean a late settlement that doesn't show on the record date. Thus, you can purchase Sandnes Sparebank's shares before the 24th of March in order to receive the dividend, which the company will pay on the 1st of April.

The company's next dividend payment will be kr5.35 per share. Last year, in total, the company distributed kr5.35 to shareholders. Based on the last year's worth of payments, Sandnes Sparebank has a trailing yield of 4.9% on the current stock price of NOK109.5. Dividends are a major contributor to investment returns for long term holders, but only if the dividend continues to be paid. So we need to check whether the dividend payments are covered, and if earnings are growing.

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Dividends are usually paid out of company profits, so if a company pays out more than it earned then its dividend is usually at greater risk of being cut. Sandnes Sparebank paid out 63% of its earnings to investors last year, a normal payout level for most businesses.

Generally speaking, the lower a company's payout ratios, the more resilient its dividend usually is.

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OB:SADG Historic Dividend March 21st 2022

Have Earnings And Dividends Been Growing?

Stocks in companies that generate sustainable earnings growth often make the best dividend prospects, as it is easier to lift the dividend when earnings are rising. Investors love dividends, so if earnings fall and the dividend is reduced, expect a stock to be sold off heavily at the same time. Fortunately for readers, Sandnes Sparebank's earnings per share have been growing at 12% a year for the past five years.

Another key way to measure a company's dividend prospects is by measuring its historical rate of dividend growth. Sandnes Sparebank has delivered 7.9% dividend growth per year on average over the past 10 years. It's encouraging to see the company lifting dividends while earnings are growing, suggesting at least some corporate interest in rewarding shareholders.

To Sum It Up

Is Sandnes Sparebank an attractive dividend stock, or better left on the shelf? Earnings per share are growing at an attractive rate, and Sandnes Sparebank is paying out a bit over half its profits. In summary, Sandnes Sparebank appears to have some promise as a dividend stock, and we'd suggest taking a closer look at it.

With that in mind, a critical part of thorough stock research is being aware of any risks that stock currently faces. Case in point: We've spotted 1 warning sign for Sandnes Sparebank you should be aware of.

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