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Mkt Cap: ₪281.0m

Mishorim Real Estate Investments Management

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Daniel Leventhal (54 yo)

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Mr. Daniel Leventhal is Chief Executive Officer and General Manager at Mishorim Real Estate Investments Ltd.

CEO Compensation Analysis

How has Daniel Leventhal's remuneration changed compared to Mishorim Real Estate Investments's earnings?
DateTotal Comp.SalaryCompany Earnings
Jun 30 2022n/an/a


Mar 31 2022n/an/a


Dec 31 2021₪2m₪104k


Sep 30 2021n/an/a


Jun 30 2021n/an/a


Mar 31 2021n/an/a


Dec 31 2020₪2m₪118k


Sep 30 2020n/an/a


Jun 30 2020n/an/a


Mar 31 2020n/an/a


Dec 31 2019₪2mn/a


Compensation vs Market: Daniel's total compensation ($USD536.06K) is about average for companies of similar size in the IL market ($USD465.97K).

Compensation vs Earnings: Daniel's compensation has been consistent with company performance over the past year.

Board Members

Giora Inbar
Independent External Director3.25yrsno datano data
Ruth Portnoy
Independent External Director3.25yrsno datano data
Orly Gertie
Independent External Director3.25yrsno datano data
Amit Mukhtar
Director4.08yrsno datano data
Amir Tamari
Chairman of the Board5.58yrs₪515.00kno data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: MSHR's board of directors are considered experienced (3.3 years average tenure).