What Do Investors Need To Know About The Future Of Blue Prism Group plc’s (LON:PRSM)?

Blue Prism Group plc’s (LON:PRSM) announced its latest earnings update in October 2017, which revealed company earnings became less negative compared to the previous year’s level as a result of recent tailwinds Today I want to provide a brief commentary on how market analysts view Blue Prism Group’s earnings growth outlook over the next couple of years and whether the future looks brighter. I will be looking at earnings excluding extraordinary items to exclude one-off activities to get a better understanding of the underlying drivers of earnings. See our latest analysis for Blue Prism Group

Market analysts’ consensus outlook for this coming year seems pessimistic, with earnings becoming even more negative, arriving at -UK£20.64m in 2019. In addition, earnings are expected to fall off and stay relatively stable over the next few years, arriving at -UK£18.60m in 2021.

AIM:PRSM Future Profit June 26th 18
AIM:PRSM Future Profit June 26th 18

While it is informative knowing the growth each year relative to today’s level, it may be more beneficial to evaluate the rate at which the company is moving on average every year. The benefit of this technique is that we can get a better picture of the direction of Blue Prism Group’s earnings trajectory over the long run, irrespective of near term fluctuations, which may be more relevant for long term investors. To calculate this rate, I’ve appended a line of best fit through analyst consensus of forecasted earnings. The slope of this line is the rate of earnings growth, which in this case is -17.35%. This means that, we can assume Blue Prism Group will chip away at a rate of -17.35% every year for the next few years.

Next Steps:

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