When Will MyBucks SA. (FRA:MBC) Turn A Profit?

MyBucks SA.’s (DB:MBC): MyBucks S.A., a financial technology company, provides various financial products and services to the low and middle-income customers. On 30 June 2017, the €162.07M market-cap posted a loss of -€13.14M for its most recent financial year. Many investors are wondering the rate at which MBC will turn a profit, with the big question being “when will the company breakeven?” I’ve put together a brief outline of industry analyst expectations for MBC, its year of breakeven and its implied growth rate.

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MBC is bordering on breakeven, according to analysts. They anticipate the company to incur a final loss in 2018, before generating positive profits of €6.10M in 2019. So, MBC is predicted to breakeven approximately a few months from now. What rate will MBC have to grow year-on-year in order to breakeven on this date? Using a line of best fit, I calculated an average annual growth rate of 97.35%, which signals high confidence from analysts. Should the business grow at a slower rate, it will become profitable at a later date than expected.

DB:MBC Past Future Earnings Mar 16th 18
DB:MBC Past Future Earnings Mar 16th 18

I’m not going to go through company-specific developments for MBC given that this is a high-level summary, but, bear in mind that typically a high growth rate is not out of the ordinary, particularly when a company is in a period of investment.

Before I wrap up, there’s one issue worth mentioning. MBC currently has a debt-to-equity ratio of over 2x. Generally, the rule of thumb is debt shouldn’t exceed 40% of your equity, which in MBC’s case, it has significantly overshot. A higher level of debt requires more stringent capital management which increases the risk in investing in the loss-making company.

Next Steps:

There are too many aspects of MBC to cover in one brief article, but the key fundamentals for the company can all be found in one place – MBC’s company page on Simply Wall St. I’ve also put together a list of relevant aspects you should look at:

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