Zhejiang Taihua New Material Co.,Ltd

SHSE:603055 Stock Report

Mkt Cap: CN¥10.2b

Zhejiang Taihua New MaterialLtd Dividend

What is Zhejiang Taihua New MaterialLtd current dividend yield, its reliability and sustainability?

Dividend Score


Dividend Score 2/6

  • Notable Dividend

  • High Dividend

  • Stable Dividend

  • Growing Dividend

  • Earnings Coverage

  • Cash Flow Coverage


Current Dividend Yield

Dividend Yield vs Market

Zhejiang Taihua New MaterialLtd Dividend Yield vs Market
How does 603055 dividend yield compare to the market?
SegmentDividend Yield
Company (603055)1.4%
Market Bottom 25% (CN)0.5%
Market Top 25% (CN)1.9%
Industry Average (Luxury)3.7%
Analyst forecast in 3 Years (603055)2.1%

Notable Dividend: 603055's dividend (1.39%) is higher than the bottom 25% of dividend payers in the CN market (0.48%).

High Dividend: 603055's dividend (1.39%) is low compared to the top 25% of dividend payers in the CN market (1.95%).

Stability and Growth of Payments

How stable has Zhejiang Taihua New MaterialLtd's dividend per share been in the past?
MonthDividend Per Share (annual)Avg. Yield (%)

Stable Dividend: 603055 has been paying a dividend for less than 10 years and during this time payments have been volatile.

Growing Dividend: 603055's dividend payments have increased, but the company has only paid a dividend for 5 years.

Earnings Payout to Shareholders

Earnings Coverage: With its reasonably low payout ratio (39.2%), 603055's dividend payments are well covered by earnings.

Cash Payout to Shareholders

Cash Flow Coverage: 603055 is paying a dividend but the company has no free cash flows.

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