3 Days Left To CI Financial Corp (TSE:CIX)’s Ex-Dividend Date, Is It Worth Buying?

Investors who want to cash in on CI Financial Corp’s (TSX:CIX) upcoming dividend of CA$0.12 per share have only 3 days left to buy the shares before its ex-dividend date, 27 February 2018, in time for dividends payable on the 15 March 2018. Should you diversify into CI Financial and boost your portfolio income stream? Well, keep on reading because today, I’m going to look at the latest data and analyze the stock and its dividend property in further detail. Check out our latest analysis for CI Financial

Here’s how I find good dividend stocks

Whenever I am looking at a potential dividend stock investment, I always check these five metrics:

  • Is its annual yield among the top 25% of dividend-paying companies?
  • Has it paid dividend every year without dramatically reducing payout in the past?
  • Has the amount of dividend per share grown over the past?
  • Is it able to pay the current rate of dividends from its earnings?
  • Will it be able to continue to payout at the current rate in the future?

TSX:CIX Historical Dividend Yield Feb 23rd 18
TSX:CIX Historical Dividend Yield Feb 23rd 18

How well does CI Financial fit our criteria?

The company currently pays out 73.79% of its earnings as a dividend, according to its trailing twelve-month data, which means that the dividend is covered by earnings. In the near future, analysts are predicting lower payout ratio of 54.81%, leading to a dividend yield of around 5.03%. However, EPS should increase to CA$2.35, meaning that the lower payout ratio does not necessarily implicate a lower dividend payment. If there is one thing that you want to be reliable in your life, it’s dividend stocks and their constant income stream. Not only have dividend payouts from CI Financial fallen over the past 10 years, it has also been highly volatile during this time, with drops of over 25% in some years. These characteristics do not bode well for income investors seeking reliable stream of dividends. Relative to peers, CI Financial generates a yield of 4.89%, which is high for Capital Markets stocks.

Next Steps:

With these dividend metrics in mind, I definitely rank CI Financial as a strong income stock, and is worth further research for anyone who considers dividends an important part of their portfolio strategy. Given that this is purely a dividend analysis, you should always research extensively before deciding whether or not a stock is an appropriate investment for you. I always recommend analysing the company’s fundamentals and underlying business before making an investment decision. There are three key factors you should look at: